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Futura: We Still Love You

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In his book, Never Use Futura, Douglas Thomas traces the deep and emotional impact of a typeface that became so ubiquitous that it even reached the moon, with the landing of Apollo 11. But Futura also has a checkered past. The Nazis favored the font after banning Fraktur, claiming the letterforms were actually Jewish in origin.

Using Futura, conceptual artist Barbara Kruger conveyed cultural critiques about power, control, body, consumerism and identity. Contemporary street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey used Futura for his famous OBEY campaign.

You see Futura and custom versions of it on Domino's Pizza boxes, Absolut Vodka bottles and Red Bull cans. Nike's famous Just Do It campaign features Futura. There's also Louis Vuitton and Ikea. The list goes on.

At Clearfont, we adore san-serifs such as Futura. We use the Futura family for our logo and text fonts. It's a true attention grabber, set bold and heavy. Futura is a true power player that creates focal points and deep emotional connections.


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