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Clearfont is committed to delivering quality, innovative products and services.


Our pursuit of communications excellence is reflected in our many accolades, measurable outcomes and client testimonials.

Clearfont has won marketing, communications and public relations recognition in the brand strategy, national media campaign, public service campaign, single news placement, writing, annual report, video, website, poster, exhibit and logo categories.

  • APEX Awards for Print Communications

  • Aster Awards for Excellence in Medical Marketing

  • Silver Communicator Awards

  • Silver and Gold Creative Muse Awards

  • Graphic Design USA Award

  • Platinum and Gold Hermes Creative Awards

  • Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards

  • Bronze Telly Awards

  • Gold Aurora Awards

  • A Gold Ava Digital Award

  • dotCOMM Awards

Muse Awards.png
Hermes Creative Awards.png
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