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A Plain Language Writing Workshop

The secret to effective writing in today’s cluttered marketplace is saying more with less.


Using fun and memorable techniques, this Plain Language Writing Workshop will help you break through the noise and bring new life to your writing. 

In this four-hour workshop, you will:

  • Think like a reader

  • Get instruction on how to write clear, concise and compelling copy

  • Understand why writing less is more

  • Adapt the techniques of writing in plain English

  • Eliminate “gobbledygook” and “decay” from your writing

  • Learn how to strike a responsive chord with your audience

  • Obtain resources for better writing


Training at Your Location or Ours. Cost: $925.00 per organization limited to 20 participants per workshop. Travel reimbursement outside the Washington-Baltimore Metro Region is additional. 


Download our flyer for more workshop information and an instructor profile. For more information and to schedule a workshop, contact Clearfont Media at 301.519.8040.

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