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April 1-7 is National Public Health Week

April 1-7 is National Public Health Week (NPHW). During the first full week of April each year, the American Public Health Association (APHA) brings together communities across the United States to observe NPHW as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation’s health.

Join APHA in observing National Public Health Week 2019 and become part of a growing movement to create the healthiest nation in one generation. Celebrate the power of prevention, advocate for healthy and fair policies, share strategies for successful partnerships, and champion the role of a strong public health system.

Clearfont has been an active public health advocate since its inception in 2002, working with leading government agencies, hospitals, and nonprofits to tackle tough health communication challenges, including youth and teen substance use, behavioral health, and the benefits of generic drugs for seniors.


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