Enter clear communications. Crafting meaningful content, combined with striking design, creates emotional connections with audiences. 

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Contemporary art collage with antique statue head in a surreal style and linear style hand

The Art & Science of

In this digital age, we are overloaded with messages. The noise can become incredibly loud. To create silence and space, our brains act as powerful filters. We simply block unwanted messages.

At Clearfont, we engage the Art & Science of Clear Communication to overcome the massive messaging that swirls around us.

The Art: Creative Power

  • Graphic Technique

  • Medium Design

  • Cultural Relevance

  • Font Selection + Spacing

  • Size + Proportion

The Science: Emotional Connection 

  • Research + Audience Knowledge

  • Culture + Language

  • Psychology of Colors 

  • Readability + Content

  • Evoking the Senses

Designing content that people can easily understand and use.